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PALS001823Six MeV proton acceleration from plasma generated by high-intensity laser using advanced thin polyethylene targetsL. Torrisi et al.Contrib. Plasma Phys. e2021000242021Scientific Journal
SLIC002099Multiscale time-resolved fluorescence study of a glycogen phosphorylase inhibitor combined with quantum chemistry calculationsV. Maffeis, K. Mavreas, F. Monti, M. Mamais, Th. Gustavsson, E. D. Chrysina, D. Markovitsi, T. Gimisis and A. VenturinPhys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 2019, 21, 76852019Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002108Physical insight in the fluence-dependent distributions of Au nanoparticles produced by sub-picosecond UV pulsed laser ablation of a solid target in vacuum environmentCesaria, M., Caricato, A. P., Beccaria, M., Perrone, A., Martino, M., Taurino, A., Catalano, M., Resta, V., Klini, A., & Gontad, FApplied Surface Science, 480 (2019) 330–3402019Scientific Journal
LLAMS001961Photo? and Electrochemical Properties of a CO2 Reducing Ruthenium–Rhenium Quaterpyridine?Based CatalystFrayne, L., Das, N., Paul, A., Amirjalayer, S., Buma, W. J., Woutersen, S., Long, C., Vos, J.G., Pryce, M. T.CHEMPHOTOCHEM, 2(3), 323-331.2018Scientific Journal
GSI001930Escaping Electrons from Intense Laser-Solid Interactions as a Function of Laser Spot SizeRusby, D., R. Gray, N. Butler, R. Dance, G. Scott, V. Bagnoud, B. Zielbauer, P. McKenna, D. NeelyEPJ Web of Conferences 167, 020012018Proceeding
LLAMS002000Two distinct conformational states define the interaction of human RAD51-ATP with single-stranded DNABrouwer, I., Moschetti, T., Candelli, A., Garcin, E. B., Modesti, M., Pellegrini, L., Wuite, G. J. L., Peterman, E. J. G.EMBO Journal 37, e981622018Scientific Journal
LLAMS001961Phto- and electrochemical properties of a CO2-reducing ruthenium-rhenium quaterpyridine-based catalystFrayne, L., N. Das, A. Paul, S. Amirjalayer, W.J. Buma, S. Woutersen, C. Long, J.G. Vos, M.T. PryceChemPhotoChem 2, 323-3312018Scientific Journal
LLAMS001854Achieving Exciton Delocalization in Quantum Dot Aggregates Using Organic Linker MoleculesCohen, E., I. Gdor, E. Romero, S. Yochelis, R. van Grondelle, and Y. PaltielJ. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 1014-10182017Scientific Journal
LLAMS001873Monitoring the orientation of rare-earth doped nanorods for flow shear tomographyKim JW, S. Michelin, M. Hilbers, L. Martinelli, E. Chaudan, G. Amselem, E. Fradet, JP. Boilot, A.M. Brouwer, C. N. Baroud, J. Peretti, T. Gacoin: Nature Nanotechnology 12, 914-9192017Scientific Journal
ICFO001934Imaging tissue-mimic with light sheet microscopy: A comparative guidelineAndilla, J., R. Jorand, O. E. Olarte, A. C. Dufour, M. Cazales, Y. L. E. Montagner, R. Ceolato, N. Riviere, J.-Ch. Olivo-Marin, P. Loza-Alvarez & C. LorenzoSci. Rep. 7, 449392017Scientific Journal
LULINANO2000001899Laser-driven shock waves studied by x-ray radiographyAntonelli L, Atzeni S, Schiavi A, Baton SD, Brambrink E, Koenig M, Rousseaux C, Richetta M, Batani D, Forestier-Colleoni P, Le Bel E, Maheut Y, Nguyen-Bui T, Ribeyre X, Trela JPhys. Rev. E 95, 0632052017Scientific Journal
CNRS-CELIA001982Attosecond-resolved photoionization of chiral moleculesBeaulieu, S., A. Comby, A. Clergerie, J. Caillat, D. Descamps, N. Dudovich, B. Fabre, R. Géneaux, F. Légaré, S. Petit, B. Pons, G. Porat, T. Ruchon, R. Taïeb, V. Blanchet, Y. Mairesse Science 358, 1288-12942017Scientific Journal
LLAMS002000Human RAD52 Captures and Holds DNA Strands, Increases DNA Flexibility, and Prevents Melting of Duplex DNA: Implications for DNA RecombinationBrouwer, I., H. Zhang, A. Candelli, D. Normanno, E.J.G. Peterman, G.J.L. Wuite and M. ModestiCell Rep. 18, 2845-28532017Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002012Elemental mapping of Mg/Ca intensity ratios in marine mollusc shells using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyHausmann, N., P. Siozos, A. Lemonis, A. C. Colonese, H. K. Robson and D. AnglosJ. Anal. At. Spectrom. 32, 1467-14722017Scientific Journal
SLIC002007Measurement of non-linear optical coefficients of chalcogenide glasses near the fundamental absorption band edgeRomanova, E., Y. Kuzyutkina, V. Shiryaev, N. Abdel-Moneim, D. Furniss, T. Benson, A. Seddon and S. GuizardJ. Non-Crystal. Solids2017Scientific Journal
SLIC001955Ultrafast Fluorescence Dynamics in Flurbiprofen-Amino Acid Dyads and in the Supramolecular Drug/Protein ComplexVayá, I.,  Jiménez, M.C., Miranda ,M.A., Chatterjee, A. & Gustavsson, T.CHIMIA 71, 18-252017Scientific Journal
CLL000006Conformational aspects of the photochromic reactivity of two N-salicylidene aniline derivatives in a polymer matrixAvadanei, M., R. Tigoianu, C. Serpa, J. Pina, V. CozanJ. Photochem. Photobiol. A 332, 475-4862017Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002030Excitation Dynamics Involving Homogenenous Multistate Interactions: One and Two Color VMI and REMPI of HBrHróðmarsson, H. R.; Kartakoullis, A.; Zaouris, D.; Glodic, P.; Wang, H.; Samartzis, P. C.; Kvaran, Á.Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19, 113542017Scientific Journal
SLIC002014Simultaneous time-space resolved reflectivity and interferometric measurements of dielectrics excited with femtosecond laser pulsesGarcia-Lechuga, M., L. Haahr-Lillevang, J.Siegel,P. Balling, S. Guizard, and J. SolisPhys. Rev. B 95, 2141142017Scientific Journal
SLIC002099A New Potent Inhibitor of Glycogen Phosphorylase Reveals the Basicity of the Catalytic SiteMamais, M, Degli Esposti A, Kouloumoundra V, Gustavsson,T, Monti F, Venturini A, Chrysina E-D, Markovitsi D et Gimisis, T.Chem. Eur. J. 23, 8800-88052017Scientific Journal
PALS001988Experimental study of the interaction of two laser-driven radiative shocks at the PALS laserSingh, R.L., C. Stehlé, F. Suzuki-Vidal, M. Kozlova, J. Larour, U. Chaulagain, T. Clayson, R. Rodriguez, J.M. Gil, J. Nejdl, M. Krus, J. Dostal, R. Dudzak, P. Barroso, O. Acef, M. Cotelo, P. VelardeHigh Energy Density Phys. 23, 20-302017Scientific Journal
LLAMS002074Single-molecule observation of DNA compaction by meiotic protein SYCP3Syrjänen J L, I. Heller, A. Candelli, O.R. Davies, E.J.G. Peterman, G.J.L. Wuite, L. PellegrinieLIFE 6, e225822017Scientific Journal
LLC002067Mid-infrared laser-induced thermal grating spectroscopy in flamesSahlberg, A.L., Hot, D. , Kiefer, J. , Aldén, M. , Li, Z.S. Proc. Combust. Inst. 36, 4515-45232017Proceeding
LLAMS002141Comparison of excitation energy transfer in cyanobacterial photosystem I in solution and immobilized on conducting glassSzewczyk, S., Giera, W., D'Haene, S., van Grondelle, R., Gibasiewicz, K.Photosynthesis Research 132, 11-1262017Scientific Journal
LLC002134Manipulation of laser-accelerated proton beam profiles by nanostructured and microstructured targetsGuiffrida, L. et al.Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 20, 0813012017Scientific Journal
LLC002134Nano and micro structured targets to modulate the spatial profile of laser driven proton beamsGuiffrida, L. et al.J. Instrum. 12, C030402017Scientific Journal
CUSBO002047Attosecond chronoscopy of electron scattering in dielectric nanoparticlesSeiffert, L., Q. Liu, S. Zherebtsov, A. Trabattoni, P. Rupp. M.C. Castrovilli, M. Galli, F. Suessmann, K. Wintersperger, J. Stierle, G. Sansone, L. Poletto, F. Frassetto, I. Halfpap, V. Mondes, C. Graf, E. Ruehl, F. Krausz, M. Nisoli, T. Fennel, F. Calegari, M.F. KlingNature Physics 13, 766-7702017Scientific Journal
CUSBO002011Ultrafast dynamics in the DNA building blocks thymidine and thymine initiated by ionizing radiationMånsson, E. P., S. De Camillis, M. C. Castrovilli, M. Galli, M. Nisoli, F. Calegari and J. B. GreenwoodPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys.2017Scientific Journal
MPQ002119Next Generation Driver for Attosecond an Laser-plasma PhysicsRivas, D.E. et al.Sci. Rep. 7, 5224 2017Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002108Decoration of silica nanowires with gold nanoparticles through ultra-short pulsed laser depositionGontad, F., A.P. Caricato, M. Cesaria, V. Resta, A. Taurino, A. Colombelli, C. Leo, A. Klini, A. Manousaki, A. convertino, R. Rella, M. Martino, A. PerroneAppl. Surf. Sci. 418, 430-4362017Scientific Journal
PALS001823Multi-energy ion implantation from high-intensity laserCutroneo, M., L. Torrisi, J. Ullschmied, R. DudzakNukleonika 61,109-1132016Scientific Journal
LLC001917Energy transfer and formation of long-lived 3MLCT states in multimetallic complexes with extended highly conjugated bis-terpyridyl ligandsWächtler, M., J. Kübel, K. Barthelmes, A. Winter, A. Schmiedel, T. Pascher, C. Lambert, U. S. Schubert and B. DietzekPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 2350-23602016Scientific Journal
LLC001945Real-time observation of multiexcitonic states in ultrafast singlet fission using coherent 2D electronic spectroscopyBakulin, A.A., S.E. Morgan, T.B. Kehoe, M.W.B. Wilson, A.W. Chin, D. Zigmantas, D. Egorova, A. RaoNature Chemistry 8, 16-232016Scientific Journal
LLAMS001906The Measurement of Tropospheric Temperature Profiles using Rayleigh-Brillouin Scattering: Results from Laboratory and Atmospheric StudiesWitschas, B., O. Reitebuch, C. Lemmerz, P.G. Kableka, S. Kondratyev, Z.Y. Gu, W. UbachsEPJ Web of Conferences 119, 270042016Proceeding
HIJ-FSU001911Modeling ultrafast shadowgraphy in laser-plasma interaction experimentsSiminos E, S Skupin, A Sävert, J M Cole, S P D Mangles and M C KaluzaPlasma Phys. Control. Fusion 58, 0650042016Scientific Journal
MBI001886New source of MeV negative ion and neutral atom beamsTer-Avetisyan, S., J. Braenzel, M. Schnürer, R. Prasad, M. Borghesi et al.Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87, 02B1342016Scientific Journal
VULRC001949Coherently controlled emissions |4P3/2,1/2? ? |4S1/2? from a femtosecond ?-type excitation scheme in potassium atomPentaris, D., D. Damianos, G. Papademetriou, A. Lyras, K. Steponkevi?ius, V. Vai?aitis & T. EfthimiopoulosJ. Mod. Opt. 63, 1301-13122016Scientific Journal
LULI100TW001893Signatures of the Self-Similar Regime of Strongly Coupled Stimulated Brillouin Scattering for Efficient Short Laser Pulse AmplificationLancia, L., A. Giribono, L. Vassura, M. Chiaramello, C. Riconda, S. Weber, A. Castan, A. Chatelain, A. Frank, T. Gangolf, M. N. Quinn, J. Fuchs, and J.-R. MarquèsPhys. Rev. Lett. 116, 0750012016Scientific Journal
MBI001857Efficient laser production of energetic neutral beamsMollica, F; Antonelli, L; Flacco, A; Braenzel, J; Vauzour, B; Folpini, G; Birindelli, G; Schnuerer, M; Batani, D; Malka, VPlasma Phys. Control. Fusion 58, 0340162016Scientific Journal
CUSBO001920Time resolved diffuse optical spectroscopy with geometrically accurate models for bulk parameter recoveryGuggenheim, J. A., Bargigia, I., Farina, A., Pifferi, A. and Dehghani, H.Biomed. Opt. Express 7, 3784-37942016Scientific Journal
CUSBO001863Resonant optical control of the structural distortions that drive ultrafast demagnetization in Cr203Sala, V.G., S. Dal Conte, T.A. Miller, D. Viola, E. Luppi, V. V´eniard, G. Cerullo, S. WallPhys. Rev. B 94, 0144302016Scientific Journal
VULRC001964Hybrid curved nano-structured micro-optical elementsBalcytis, A., D. Hakobyan, M. Gabalis, A. Zukauskas, D. Urbonas, M. Malinauskas, R. Petruskevicius, E. Brasselet, and S. JuodkazisOpt. Express 24, 16988-169982016Scientific Journal
CNRS-CELIA001982Two-Dimensional Frequency Resolved Optomolecular Gating of High-Order Harmonic GenerationFerré, A., H. Soifer, O. Pedatzur, C. Bourassin-Bouchet, B.?D. Bruner, R. Canonge, F. Catoire, D. Descamps, B. Fabre, E. Mével, S. Petit, N. Dudovich, and Y. MairessePhys. Rev. Lett. 116, 0530022016Scientific Journal
CUSBO001874Reconstruction of an optical inhomogeneity map improves fluorescence diffuse optical tomographyDucros N, T Correia, A Bassi, G Valentini, S Arridge and C D’AndreaBiomed. Phys. Eng. Express 2, 0550202016Scientific Journal
CUSBO001874Approximate marginalization of absorption and scattering in fluorescence diffuse optical tomographyMozumder, M., T. Tarvainen, S. Arridge, J. P. Kaipio, C. D'Andrea and V. KolehmainenInverse Problems and Imaging 10, 227-2462016Scientific Journal
LLAMS002000Sliding sleeves of XRCC4–XLF bridge DNA and connect fragments of broken DNABrouwer I, G Sitters, A Candelli, S J Heerema, I Heller, A J Melo de, H Zhang, D Normanno, M Modesti, E J G Peterman, G J L WuiteNature 535, 566-5692016Scientific Journal
SLIC001955Influence of the spacer on the photoreactivity of flurbiprofen-tyrosine dyadsVayá, I., T. Gustavsson, D. Markovitsi, M.A. Miranda, M. Consuelo JiménezJ. Photochem. Photobiol. A 322-323, 95-1012016Scientific Journal
LLAMS001957Wavelength dependent photoelectron circular dichroism of limonene studied by femtosecond multiphoton laser ionization and electron-ion coincidence imagingRafiee Fanood, M. M., Janssen, M. H. M., and Powis, I.J. Chem. Phys. 145, 1243202016Scientific Journal
LLC002035Oscillator strengths for high-excitation Ti ii from laboratory measurements and calculationsLundberg, H., H. Hartman, L. Engström, H. Nilsson, A. Persson, P. Palmeri, P. Quinet, V. Fivet, G. Malcheva and K. BlagoevMon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 460, 356-3622016Scientific Journal
CUSBO001987Macrospin dynamics in antiferromagnets triggered by sub-20 femtosecond injection of nanomagnonsBossini, D., S. Dal Conte, Y. Hashimoto, A. Secchi, R. V. Pisarev, Th. Rasing, G. Cerullo, A. V. KimelNature Communications 7, 106452016Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002041Polarization shaping of high-order harmonics in laser-aligned moleculesSkantzakis, E., S. Chatziathanasiou, P. A. Carpeggiani, G. Sansone, A. Nayak, D. Gray, P. Tzallas, D. Charalampidis, E. Hertz, O. FaucherSci. Rep. 6, 392952016Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002028Fabrication of Nb/Pb structures through ultrashort pulsed laser depositionGontad, F., Lorusso, A., Klini, A., Broitman, E., Perrone, A., and Fotakis, C.J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 34, 415012016Scientific Journal
PALS001944Photoionized argon plasmas induced with intense soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet pulsesBartnik, A., P. Wachulak, T. Fok, L. Wegrzynski, H. Fiedorowicz, W. Skrzeczanowski, T. Pisarczyk, T. Chodukowski, Z.Kalinowska, R. Dudzak, J. Dostal, E. Krousky, J. Skala, J.Ullschmied, J. Hrebicek, T. MedrikPlasma Phys. Control. Fusion 58, 0140092016Scientific Journal
SLIC002004Electron acceleration by relativistic surface plasmons in laser-grating interaction Fedeli L, A Sgattoni, G Cantono, D Garzella, F Réau, I Prencipe, M Passoni, M Raynaud, M Kveton, J Proska, A Macchi, T CeccottiPhys. Rev. Lett. 116, 0150012016Scientific Journal
SLIC002004High field plasmonics and laser-plasma acceleration in solid targetsSgattoni A, Fedeli L, Cantono G, Ceccotti T et Macchi APlasma Phys. Control. Fusion 58 0140042016Scientific Journal
LLC002053Investigation of ionization-induced electron injection in a wakefield driven by laser inside a gas cellAudet, T. L., M. Hansson, P. Lee, F. G. Desforges, G. Maynard, S. Dobosz Dufrénoy, R. Lehe, J.-L. Vay, B. Aurand, A. Persson, I. Gallardo González, A. Maitrallain, P. Monot, C.-G. Wahlström, O. Lundh and B. CrosPhys. Plasmas 23, 0231102016Scientific Journal
LLC002053Localization of ionization-induced trapping in a laser wakefield accelerator using a density down-rampHansson, M, T L Audet, H Ekerfelt, B Aurand, I Gallardo González, F G Desforges, X Davoine, A Maitrallain, S Reymond, P Monot, A Persson, S Dobosz Dufrénoy, C-G Wahlström, B Cros and O LundhPlasma Phys. Control. Fusion 58, 0550092016Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002030Effect of a triplet to singlet state interaction on photofragmentation dynamics: highly excited states of HBr probed by VMI and REMPI as a case studyGlodic, P., D. Zaouris, P. C. Samartzis, A. Haflijasonb and A. KvaranPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 262912016Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002013FS laser processing of bio-polymer thin films for studying cell-to-substrate specific responseDaskalova, A., Chandra S.R. Nathala, P. Kavatzikidou, A. Ranella, R. Szoszkiewicz, W. Husinsky, C. Fotakis Appl. Surf. Sci. 382, 178-1912016Scientific Journal
ULF-FORTH002013Femtosecond laser texturing of bio-based polymer films for surface functionalisationDaskalova, A. Advanced Surface Engineering Materials, A. Tiwari, R. Wang, B. Wei (eds.), 97-1402016Book
CNRS-LP3002037Quantification of Bulk Densification in Fused Silica Induced by Femtosecond Laser Exposure in the Sub-50 fs RegimeMcMillen, B. W., Y. Bellouard, O. Uteza, R. Clady, and M. SentisCLEO, OSA Technical Digest, JTh2A.342016Proceeding
LLC002031Design and Characterisation of Bodipy Sensitizers for Dye-Sensitized NiO Solar CellsSummers, G. H.; Lefebvre, J.-F. J.-F.; Black, F. A.; Stephen Davies, E.; Gibson, E. A.; Pullerits, TPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2016, 18 (2), 1059–10702016Scientific Journal
PALS002015The LICPA-driven collider—a novel efficient tool for the production of ultra-high pressures in condensed mediaBadziak, J., E. Krousky, M. Kucharik and R. LiskaJ. Instrum. 11, C03043 2016Scientific Journal
HIJ-FSU001975Core-level attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy of laser-dressed solid ?lms of Si and ZrSeres, E., J. Seres, C. Serrat, and S. NambaPhys. Rev. B 94, 1651252016Scientific Journal
HIJ-FSU001975Avalanche of stimulated forward scattering in high harmonic generationSerrat, C., D. Roca, J. M. Budesca, J. Seres, E. Seres, B. Aurand, A. Hoffmann, S. Namba, T. Kuehl, and C. SpielmannOpt. Express 24, 8028-80442016Scientific Journal
LLAMS002113VIS and VUV spectroscopy of 12C17O and deperturbation analysis of the A1P, y ¼ 1–5 levelsHakalla, R., M. L. Niu, R. W. Field, E. J. Salumbides, A. N. Heays, G. Stark, J. R. Lyons, M. Eidelsberg, J. L. Lemaire, S. R. Federman, M. Zachwieja, W. Szajna, P. Kolek, I. Piotrowska, M. Ostrowska-Kopec, R. Kepa, N. de Oliveirak, W. UbachsRSC Adv. 6, 315882016Scientific Journal
PALS002117Short-wavelength experiments on laser pulse interaction with extended pre-plasma at the PALS-installationPisarczyk T., Guskov S.Yu., Renner O., Dudzak R., Dostal J., Demchenko NN., Smid M., Chodukowski T., Kalinowska Z., Rosinski M. et al.Laser Part. Beams 34, 94-108 2016Scientific Journal
CLL000019Photoisomerization of azobenzenes isolated in cryogenic matricesDuarte, L., L. Khriachtchev, R. Fausto, and I. D. RevaPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18,168022016Scientific Journal
VULRC002090Comparative LIDT measurements of optical components for high-energy HiLASE lasersVanda, J., J. Šev?ík, E. Pupka, M. Š?iuka, A. Melninkaitis, M. Divoký, V. Jambunathan, S. Bonora, V. Škoda, A. Lucianetti, D. Rostohar, T. Mocek and V. SirutkaitisHigh Power Laser Sci. Eng. 4, e112016Scientific Journal
LLC002130Experimental radiative lifetimes for highly excited states and calculated oscillator strengths for lines of astrophysical interest in singly ionized cobalt (Co?II)Quinet, P., V. Fivet, P. Palmeri, L. Engström, H. Hartman, H. Lundberg, and H. NilssonMon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 462, 39122016Scientific Journal
MBI002096Femtosecond-laser generated nanostructures for surface enhanced spectroscopy and particle physicsGrunwald, R., S. K. Das, H. Messaoudi, A. Andreev, J. Braenzel, A. Lübcke, E. McGlynn, and M. SchnürerMATEC Web of conferences2016Proceeding forthcoming
LLC002067Misalignment effects in laser-induced grating experimentsKiefer, J. , Sahlberg, A.L. , Hot, D., Aldén, M., Li, Z.S. Appl. Spectr. 70, 2025-20282016Scientific Journal
LLC002067Mid-infrared pumped laser-induced thermal grating spectroscopy for detection of acetylene in the visible spectral rangeSahlberg, A.L., J. Kiefer, M. Aldén, Z.S. LiAppl. Spectr. 70, 1034-10432016Scientific Journal
LENS002120Coacervation of a ?-elastin studied by ultrafast non linear infrared spectroscopy Ragnoni, E., F. Palombo, E. Green, C. Peter Winlove, M. Di Donato, A. LapiniPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 27981-279902016Scientific Journal
CUSBO002005Reconstruction of an optical inhomogeneity map improves fluorescence diffuse optical tomographyDucros, N., T. Correia, A. Bassi, G. Valentini, S. Arridge, C. D’AndreaBiomed. Phys. Eng. Express 2, 0550202016Scientific Journal
CUSBO002011Charge migration induced by attosecond pulses in bio-relevant moleculesCalegari, F., A. Trabattoni, A. Palacios, D. Ayuso, M. C. Castrovilli, J. B. Greenwood, P. Decleva, F. Martin, M. NisoliJ. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 49, 1420012016Scientific Journal
LLC002031Design and characterization of bodipy sensitizers for dye-sensitized NiO solar cellsSummers, G.H., J.-F. Lefebvre, F.A. Black, E.S. Davies, E.A. Gibson, T. Pullerits, C.J. Wood, and K. ZidekPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 18, 10592016Scientific Journal
CLF002103Generation and Evolution of Spin-, Valley-, and Layer-Polarized Excited Carriers in Inversion-Symmetric WSe 2Bertoni, R., C.?W. Nicholson, L. Waldecker, H. Hübener, C. Monney, U. De Giovannini, M. Puppin, M. Hoesch, E. Springate, R.?T. Chapman, C. Cacho, M. Wolf, A. Rubio, and R. ErnstorferPhys. Rev. Lett. 117, 277201 2016Scientific Journal
CLF001969In-situ formation of solidified hydrogen thin-membrane targets using a pulse tube cryocoolerAstbury S, S Bedacht, P Brummitt, D Carroll, R Clarke, S Crisp, C Hernandez-Gomez, P Holligan, S Hook, J S Merchan, D Neely, A Ortner, D Rathbone, P Rice, G Schaumann, G Scott, C Spindloe, S Spurdle, A Tebartz, S Tomlinson, F Wagner, M Borghesi, M Roth and M K TolleyJ. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 713, 0120062016Proceeding
MBI002129Design of a thin disk amplifier with extraction during pumping for high peak and average power Ti:Sa systems (EDP-TD)Chvykov V, R S Nagymihaly, H Cao, M Kalashnikov, and K OsvayOpt. Express 24, 3721-37332016Scientific Journal
MBI002129High peak and average power Ti:sapphire thin disk amplifier with extraction during pumpingChvykov, V. et al.Opt. Lett. 41, 3017-30202016Scientific Journal
CNRS-LP3002148Stark broadening measurements in plasmas produced by laser ablation of hydrogen containing compoundsBurger, V., J. HermannSpectroc. Acta B: Atom. Spectr. 122, 118-1262016Scientific Journal
CLF001788Carbon nanomaterials: multi-functional agents for biomedical fluorescence and Raman imagingBartelmess, J., S. J. Quinn and S. GiordaniChem. Soc. Rev. 44, 4672-46982015Scientific Journal
LLC001842Mapping energy transfer channels in fucoxanthin-chlorophyll protein complexGelzinis, A., V. Butkus, E. Songaila, R. Augulis, A. Gall, C. Buchel, B. Robert, D. Abramavicius, D. Zigmantas, L. VakunasBiochim. Biophys. Acta-Bioenerg. 1847, 241-2472015Scientific Journal
MBI001834XUV excitation followed by ultrafast non-adiabatic relaxation in PAH molecules as a femto-astrochemistry experimentMarciniak A., V. Despré, T. Barillot, A. Rouzée, M.C.E. Galbraith, J. Klei, C.-H. Yang, C.T.L. Smeenk, V. Loriot, S. Nagaprasad Reddy, A.G.G.M. Tielens, S. Mahapatra, A.I. Kuleff, M.J.J. Vrakking, F. LépineNature Communications 6, 79092015Scientific Journal
SLIC001847Short-pulse laser excitation of quartz: experiments and modelling of transient optical properties and ablationHaahr-Lillevang, L., K. Weadegaard, D.B. Sandkamm, A. Mouskeftaras, S. Guizard, P. BallingAppl. Phys. A 120, 12212015Scientific Journal
SLIC001876Self-Probing Spectroscopy of the SF6 Molecule: A Study of the Spectral Amplitude and Phase of the High Harmonic EmissionManschwetus, B., N. Lin, J. Rothhardt, R. Guichard, T. Auguste, A. Camper, P. Breger, J. Caillat, M. Geleoc, T. Ruchon, R. Taïeb, B. Carre? and P. SalieresJ. Phys. Chem. A 119, 61112015Scientific Journal
LOA001844Fourier transform holography with high harmonic spectra for attosecond imaging applicationsWilliams, G.O., A.I. Gonzalez, S. Künzel, L. Li, M. Lozano, E. Oliva, B. Iwan, S. Daboussi, W. Boutu, H. Merdji, M. Fajardo, and Ph. ZeitounOpt. Lett. 40, 32052015Scientific Journal
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