Welcome to the LASERLAB-EUROPE online proposal system:

For submitting a proposal you do not need a login. At the moment we experience problems when Firefox is used to submit the proposal. Please use Chrome or Internet Explorer and excuse the inconveniences

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling to perform transnational access projects funded through Laserlab-Europe had to be postponed.

In the course of cautiously restarting our activities, remote access is offered to several of our labs during the coming months. If possible, access projects are carried out by the host lab's staff with no external user present in the lab, but supervising the experiments remotely.

Remote access can only be granted when the Principal Investigator and the host facility have reached an agreement on how to proceed. The projects will have to strictly respect the following rules:

  • Remote Access must be based on a strong and auditable involvement of the user(s).
  • The user(s) should be directly involved, usually on a daily basis, via video link, and must actively participate in the different steps and decisions during the experiment.
  • Proofs of such involvement (e.g. minutes of the video discussions on the lab books) shall be kept for audit purposes. The remote users shall fill a form certifying the amount of remote access provided to them (available from the host facility).

Users are encouraged to apply for access. Research proposals for implementation in person on-site or remotely are welcome at any time.

For the preparation of your application you may download the summary of the information requested about the applicant(s) and the proposed project as well as the application form you are asked to complete.

On the last page of the online form you are requested to attach one pdf version of your complete proposal (one single file, less than 1 MB). Should you not have the technical means to create a pdf file, please contact the host institution or the Coordinator's office (office@laserlab-europe.eu) for assistance.

For applications for experimental time at CLF, CLPU, GSI, LULI, FELIX, FERMI, HILASE, HZDR and PALS, please use only the specific application forms provided at the respective institution's web page (see http://www.laserlab-europe.eu/transnational-access). For all other institutions, please prepare the proposal description according to the guidelines in the general application form.

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Please be sure to have the pdf file of your proposal ready before filling out the forms on the following pages.
After submitting the proposal you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement indicating a link which will allow you to view your proposal and its processing status by using a standard web browser. Your proposal will only be properly processed after the generation of this acknowledgement. In case you do not receive such an acknowledgement, or if you find any other problems, please contact office@laserlab-europe.eu